En Guadalajara, hemos puesto a la naturaleza al centro de nuestras políticas públicas, comprendiendo las consecuencias que el cambio climático implica en la vida de todas y todos, y principalmente, la responsabilidad global que compartimos por el cuidado del medio ambiente.

Desde hace 3 años, a través de nuestros proyectos…

Ahead of COP26, we, the C40 Global Youth & Mayors Forum, call on national governments to take radical action within the next year to address the climate crisis, in line with at least halving global emissions by 2030.

The science is clear — we must collectively at least halve global emissions by 2030 — and Global North countries must go further and faster to reduce their fair share of emissions. If we allow greed for more money, power and oil to prevent us reaching this goal, we will…

C40 Cities

C40 is a leading global network of cities taking bold and ambitious climate action to deliver a healthy, equitable and sustainable future for all.

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