A ‘Letter to Nature’ in Rio de Janeiro

C40 Cities
2 min readJul 22, 2021

Nature breathes life into our cities. As part of a new campaign to highlight the importance of urban nature to our everyday lives, C40 has invited mayors, artists, cultural influencers and other thought leaders from cities around the world to write a ‘Letter to Nature’.

Read what Mayor of Rio de Janeiro Eduardo Paes has to say about nature in his city:

“Rio is the natural capital of Brazil. Our iconic mountains, beaches, and bays are celebrated in sambas songs that touch deep into the hearts and minds of the world. Our breathtaking landscape is a UNESCO heritage site.

The ‘Cariocas’, we have the privilege to witness, every day, an explosion of life and biodiversity, and we also have the responsibility to preserve and restore our biome.

Our environmental services will be enhanced and redistributed, having restoration as our established goal. Aided by nature herself, we will get there.

The urban nature of Rio deserves our best efforts. We will build green corridors, invest and pursue nature-based solutions for infrastructure, regulate and foster carbon markets and green financial solutions while generating green jobs. Both ecology and economy can locate in Rio their home.

Like no other city, we have been a beacon of hope for global cooperation and local action on climate change, resilience and sustainable development — the spirit of Rio92 and Rio+20 lives.

Rio’s urban nature — a treasure for humankind — is the passport for a green, equitable future for all ‘Cariocas’ and for the world.”



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