All you need to know from C40 at COP26 today

Innovation at the heart of city climate action

The clean energy transition will create good-quality jobs and bolster local green economies. With increased climate investments, cities can roll out more innovative shovel-ready projects that lower emissions while supporting sustainable jobs, according to recent C40 research.

The Sunnyside Solar Farm in Houston not only transforms a closed landfill into a solar farm, but also includes community recreation areas, landscape buffers and bioretention zones, and a community greenhouse. © Wolfe Energy

How can we ensure a more inclusive workforce?

© ATM Milano

The push for gender equality

Advancing Gender Equality in Climate Action, hosted by UNFCCC, was today’s flagship event at COP26. Bringing together ministers, leaders and civil society representatives, as well as speakers such as Brianna Fruean, a Samoan climate activist, and Alok Sharma, the COP26 president, the event highlighted how women are the most marginalised and severely impacted by climate change.

How C40 cities are making a difference

© Arup/C40
A renewable energy farm in Beijing, China. © Arup/C40

Empowering and inspiring women climate leaders

Today, global leaders are turning to the topic of gender. Even though women make up half the world’s population and are disproportionately affected by climate change, a lack of inclusion and representation means their perspective is often missing from decision-making.



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