All you need to know from C40 at COP26 today

The road to zero-emission vehicles

Accelerating the ZEV Transition: A One Way Street, hosted by UNFCCC, was today’s flagship event at COP26. Bringing together global and industry leaders to discuss the future of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs), the event began by highlighting the fact that air pollution causes 7 million deaths worldwide per year, underscoring the importance of efforts to decarbonise the transport sector.

“We need to give everyone access to public transport if we’re going to stop the climate crisis.”

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Join our transport roundtable today!

Every urban resident should have access to safe, affordable & accessible public transport. Tune into our event “Acting Locally, Acting Globally for Public Transport” today from 11:45am–1:15pm GMT to hear from the global leaders who are building a movement for an urgent modal shift.



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