All you need to know from C40 at COP26 today

Investing in cities = millions of good-quality green jobs

Recent C40 research found that if action is delayed by just 5 years, both the emissions reduction and job creation potential by 2030 are reduced by a third.

$100 billion for climate action

A key issue COP26 attendees are discussing is the need for increased climate financing, especially for developing nations. Cities in particular are primed to create solutions to the climate crisis, but they need immediate and robust investment to act.

Securing a strong recovery from COVID-19

Earlier today, COP26 hosted a panel featuring global leaders and experts discussing the future of cities following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo by Matteo Jorjoson on Unsplash

Divest from fossil fuels, invest in our future

Climate breakdown is a major threat to the global financial system. Divesting from fossil fuels and increasing sustainable investments, known as ‘Divest-Invest’ action, is an effective way for cities, pension funds and other institutional investors to protect their assets and take advantage of the economic opportunities presented by the transition towards a green economy.



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